Not all threat intel is created equal.

Today’s cybercriminals are smarter and faster than ever. Detecting and responding to threats already inside your network is a losing strategy. By then it’s simply too late.


Rather than allowing cybercriminals to enter your network, RiskAnalytics, a leading authority in cybersecurity, blocks and drops threats outside the firewall, so they never have a chance to see your location or identity. Our constantly refreshed threat intel identifies and blocks malicious threats in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks—keeping you one step ahead.

As a member of Google’s esteemed VirusTotal community, our team of U.S.-based cyber experts stay up to date on the latest tech, methods and sources of cyberthreats across the globe, and infuse that knowledge into our industry-leading, always-on threat intel feed, ShadowNet. Simply put, we are your first and last line of defense.

No one is safe from cyberthreats, but our team of experts provides a new, crucial layer of cybersecurity to neutralize threats and fortify your defenses.


risk analytics - proactive cyber risk assessments

 Cybercriminals work fast, often changing their IP footprints in less than 24 hours. We track the bad guys within minutes of their first attempt and cut them off at their source. Data-driven and proactive, our approach to cybersecurity helps you manage the human, legal and financial elements of risk—all with the simplicity of a plug-and-play solution. Peace of mind has never been so effortless.

"We had a lot of layers of security here. Out of all the products, RiskAnalytics works."

Jerry Dobson, Information Technology Director, Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange

We track, source and correlate malicious traffic from distributed global sensors. This data is processed through our patented threat correlation engine, creating a dynamic list of domains and IPs that are actively involved in cyber-crime. This intelligence, called ShadowNet, is created in real-time, constantly fresh and always evolving. Now weaponized for threat mitigation, it can be directly fed into your security infrastructure. 

ShadowNet is offered via the following delivery methods:

SOC or SIEM feed
Internet browser extension
Threat intelligence gateway (TIG)

Mobile app

Built for Speed, Precision and Effect



ShadowNet targets cyberthreats with laser precision, making it the most effective tool available. 


Cybercriminals aren’t slowing their attacks—make sure you keep up. ShadowNet is built for speed to keep you one step ahead.

Low false positives

ShadowNet’s low rate of false positives makes it a crucial and effective blocking tool that allows you to stop criminal action in real-time.


RiskAnalytics has a long history of supporting our community of cybersecurity experts, threat hunters and privacy defenders. From building the industry’s leading source for malicious sites and IP blocking service for several decades, to becoming a contributor of Google’s esteemed VirusTotal community, we work to share our intel and expertise with the industry.


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