Weaponized threat intel to fit your network, your way.

ShadowNet global threat intel has prevented billions of attacks to our clients’ networks in the last year alone.

Protecting your business has never been more important, and the threats have never been more real. RiskAnalytics, an industry‑leading provider of cyber security solutions built on highly accurate, real-time threat intelligence, meets cyber threats head-on, protecting businesses and managing the human, legal and financial elements of risk.

We track and flag cyber criminals by their IP address and/or domain and deliver threat intelligence through ShadowNet, an always-on feed of the latest cyber threat intel from around the world. Built for precision, speed and effect, this service cuts off the criminal’s ability to communicate with your network in real time. Our data-driven, proactive approach to cybersecurity is offered in several cost-effective and automated ways to fit every need, system and customer.


ShadowNet targets cyberthreats with laser precision, making it the most effective tool available.


Cybercriminals aren’t slowing their attacks—make sure you keep up. ShadowNet is built for speed to keep you one step ahead.

Low False Positives

ShadowNet’s low rate of false positives makes it a crucial and effective blocking tool that allows you to stop criminal action in real-time.

Precise, real-time, authoritative cyberthreat intelligence—weaponized.

We track, source and correlate malicious traffic from distributed global sensors, and our patented threat correlation engine creates a dynamic list of domains and IPs that are known to be actively involved in cyber‑crime. This intelligence, called ShadowNet, is created in real time, constantly fresh and always evolving.

Weaponized for threat mitigation, it can be directly fed into your security infrastructure through a virtual appliance or on your existing firewall. Now, you can use, share and deploy this unique intelligence through your entire organization.

Intel Response Time

ShadowNet is the most effective form of cybersecurity—delivered in a way that improves and complements your existing security efforts.

This process produces a dynamic list of IPs and domains that are actively involved in cyber-crime across the globe. This intelligence, called ShadowNet, is directly fed into your network infrastructure as soon as we identify it.

SOC or SIEM feed

Ingest a dynamic intelligence feed directly into your existing firewall, SIEM or SOC.

Threat intelligence gateway

Weaponized threat intelligence gateways (TIGs), offered in 1G or 10G

Browser extension

A weaponized intelligence feed, provided as a plug-in or browser extension to FireFox or Chromium-based browsers (especially useful for remote employees)

Mobile app

Launch the mobile app and protect your data and privacy everywhere you go

ShadowNet Offers

No one is safe from cyberthreats. But ShadowNet provides a crucial layer of cybersecurity to neutralize threats and fortify your defenses. Peace of mind has never been so effortless.

Talk to us today to learn more about how ShadowNet can protect your organization from a growing threat to your network.

Turnkey solutions across several delivery methods

Real-time, automated threat intel: It intakes data from sources all over the world and generates threat intel in a matter of minutes

Identification and tracking of threats back to their sources, blocking malicious domains with extremely low false positives

Machine learning: ShadowNet learns from attempted attacks and integrates new data into a patented threat correlation engine

Shunning technology: It recognizes traffic from malicious sources and drops them outside the firewall so they never reach your network

ShadowNet TIG

For organizations looking to automate and streamline threat intelligence, RiskAnalytics’ threat intelligence gateways (TIGs) are available in 1G or 10G. These TIG boxes consume and normalize threat intelligence feeds, and offer bidirectional shunning to protect your network from criminal communications.

The ShadowNet TIG offers:

Speed blocking against malicious IPs

Immediate time-to-value with rapid install

Continuous threat intelligence updates

Augmentation of existing security layers

Intake process for customer-provided blacklists and whitelists

Autonomously operation outside of firewall

Uses Gigabit Ethernet for the management and service interfaces

Features a 1 gigabit bridge
Uses a single external power supply
Uses RJ45 ethernet connectors
Small chassis with rack-mountable hardware

Uses Gigabit Ethernet for the management and service interfaces

Features a 10 gigabit bridge
Features two redundant internal service-class power supplies
10G bridge provides two slots for client-supplied *SFP+ modules**
* SFP+ modules placed in the 10G TIG should match those already in use on the customer’s network, which may vary by network environment.
** The 10G TIG bridge can accept RJ45 Gigabit ethernet SFP modules as well

TIG 1G & 10G can be installed either inside or outside of your firewall

Gain Visibility to Blocked Traffic

If installed inside your firewall, the TIG’s rich interface provides visibility into the status of your network and the threats being averted.

View attack types and blocked IPs

Generate custom reports

Whitelist IPs

View activity across devices

Additional Delivery Methods

SOC or SIEM feed
For established security operations centers, ingest a dynamic intelligence feed directly into your existing firewall, SOC or SIEM.

The treat intelligence provided by ShadowNet Direct fortifies your firewall, SIEM or SOC with real-time, contextualized data that identifies and mitigates threats before they even hit your network. ShadowNet Direct leverages our constantly-evolving intel of malicious domains and IP addresses to stop known cyber criminals in their tracks.

Going beyond the reactive approach of a firewall, SOC or SIEM-only system, which raises the alarm after a threat has been detected, our constantly refreshed threat intel identifies and blocks malicious threats in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks—keeping you one step ahead.

Talk to us today to learn how to gain end-to-end protection for your network.

ShadowNet Browser Extension

Leverage the power of RiskAnalytics’ global threat intelligence, weaponized to keep your data protected and actively block known malicious content from any app or website – from your computer or laptop, without lifting a finger.

Built for precision and speed, the ShadowNet browser extension for Firefox and Chrome works behind the scenes to identify potential threats from malicious sites by leveraging RiskAnalytics’ global threat intel, in real time.

ShadowNet notifies users of potential threats from malicious sites before visiting and gives them the option to accept the risk and continue, or to avoid the risk and leave without ever landing on the site.

Stop malicious threats to your privacy before they begin. Download the ShadowNet browser extension and be protected everywhere browse.

Get ShadowNet for Firefox

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ShadowNet Mobile

Leverage the power of RiskAnalytics’ global threat intelligence, weaponized to keep your data, privacy and identity protected while actively blocking known malicious content from any app or website – all at your fingertips.

App Features:

  • Always-on threat blocking across your mobile device, including internet browsers, email communications and app data
  • Blocks requests from known malicious domains to capture your personal and browsing data, keeping your information secure
  • Leverages VPN Scanner and domain blocking to provide multiple filtering capabilities
  • Domain blocking targets known malicious top-level domains (TLDs) to provide an extra layer of security
  • Automatic blocking by domain or country based on most current threat intel data
  • Manually block by country via advanced settings for additional protection
  • Provides a running tally of recently blocked requests since app download
  • Notifications of block requests

Stop malicious threats to your privacy before they begin. Download the ShadowNet mobile app and be protected everywhere you go.

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