With Ransomware on the rise, GRF and RiskAnalytics have entered into a partnership to provide a FREE Threat Intelligence feed to K12SIX members across the globe.  Sign up with the link below to get started with ShadowNet.

As a GRF member, you now have access to the leading global threat intel provided by RiskAnalytics. Using our patented Threat Correlation Engine, ShadowNet blocks the bad guys. Our global sensors and extensive expertise in cyber criminology allow us to offer a security augmentation like no other.

ShadowNet is the most effective form of cybersecurity – delivered in a way that improves and complements your existing security efforts.

This process produces a dynamic list of IPs and domains that are actively involved in cyber-crime across the globe. This intelligence, called ShadowNet, is directly fed into your network infrastructure as soon as we identify it.