RiskAnalytics Internship: The Future of Security

“We’re dealing with such exceptional individuals at a young age that all of us that had interactions with the interns have come away asking ourselves, ‘what was I doing at 15 or 16 that was of any value whatsoever?’ And they’re just getting started.” — Tom Currie, President at RiskAnalytics

Internships have long served as introductions into the real working world for high school and college students across the globe. At RiskAnalytics, our internship program blends that real-world experience with that of the cyber world as we prepare today’s brightest youth to protect tomorrow’s digital future.

In the always-evolving landscape of technology, the only true constant is change and that means staying one step ahead of the bad guys. It’s that pioneering spirit which leads to innovation and collaboration within the walls of RiskAnalytics and the cyber security industry as a whole. And ultimately, it’s what creates a “culture of security” across an overly risk-infused cyber community.

“It’s about a community of what bad stuff is out there and how do we find that, how do we locate it and how do we analyze the data.” — Zach Waite, RiskAnalytics Intern.

Throughout their summer internship program, tomorrow’s threat intelligence leaders got a hands-on approach to identifying, analyzing and preventing the known bad of the internet under the tutelage of security veterans Noah Dunker, RA Labs Security Director and Mike Currie, Director of Interdiction Systems Development. Projects consisted of:

  • Mapping and identifying malvertising operations
  • Tracking the source of various email scams, which in turn uncovered a money laundering operation
  • Processing security data and prioritization
  • Investigating frequently observed customer security events
  • Implementing FAR—Findings, Analysis and Recommendations—to customers

The interns all hailed from a diverse range of computer backgrounds, including video games, coding, robotics and CyberPatriot—a National Youth Cyber Education Program—just to name a few. And although each specific background played a pivotal role in their position and development; ultimately, it all lead to one commonality upon the program’s completion—a strong affiliation for cyber security.

“After [college] graduation, I’m just hoping to land a good job in coding—my original goal—or in cyber security now. Because since I’ve been introduced to this world, it’s very appealing.” — Thilon Berry, RiskAnalytics Intern.

RiskAnalytics’ internship program just completed its 4th year. For more information on the internship program, please contact Richard Detrick.