Coronavirus has quickly forced businesses to switch to remote work, leaving millions of devices vulnerable and causing an uptick in phishing campaigns. Thanks to ShadowNet, companies and remote workers finally have the tools they need to help keep their personal and professional data secure.

RiskAnalytics—the company behind the AutoShun and Malware Domains communities— produces real-time, authoritative cyber-threat intelligence called ShadowNet. This added layer of security works seamlessly with other security solutions and has proven to be one of the first to identify and flag criminal assets. RiskAnalytics is launching another way to weaponize ShadowNet by making it available to individuals working at home/remotely through a browser plug-in or extension.

RiskAnalytics is able to track, source and correlate malicious traffic from global sensors, integrating that data into its patented Threat Correlation Engine. This process produces a dynamic list of Domains and IPs, which are actively involved in cyber-crime. RiskAnalytics then flags these malicious sites and delivers this intelligence through a service known as ShadowNet, cutting off the criminal’s ability to communicate with user networks in real time.

“As states enter into a State of Emergency across the country, companies are having to change how they do business,” said former Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer. “Companies and their data are extremely vulnerable without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, which is tough when everyone is working remote. RiskAnalytics’ threat intelligence is making it simple for everyone across the entire organization to secure their most valuable data, and I’m relieved we can count on them to help keep us safe in times like these.”

These days, browsers—not computers—are considered the endpoint for hackers. As users click on unsecure links while browsing or through an email, they open a new vector for hackers to reach computers. Much more than antivirus or ad-blockers, ShadowNet stops hackers at the source.

With ShadowNet, anyone can now harness enterprise level intelligence from the comfort of their own home:

“More employees are working from home than ever before amid the coronavirus outbreak, and this is leaving millions of devices vulnerable when it comes to hackers and malware,” said Travis Holt, co-founder of Brush Creek Partners, a risk management consulting firm. “RiskAnalytics is providing a service unlike anything else on the market. More than an ad blocker or antivirus software, this product helps keep individual browsers from being corrupted, protecting sensitive information. There’s no better peace of mind when managing a remote workforce.”

No one is safe from cyber threats, but ShadowNet isproviding a new and crucial layer of cyber security to neutralize threats and fortify technology defenses.

ShadowNet is available to individuals as a plugin or add-on on Google Chrome and Firefox, respectively. The ShadowNet mobile app to protect mobile devices is now available for Apple and Android smartphones.


About RiskAnalytics:

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